NIH STRIDES Opportunity

*If you are a researcher already receiving funding from NIH for biomedical research then please continue reading, otherwise please ignore this message*

For background, the NIH Science and Technology, Research, Infrastructure for Discovery, Experimentation, and Sustainability (STRIDES) is an NIH Initiative that supports NIH funded biomedical research in the cloud  Benefits to research programs joining the NIH STRIDES Initiative include discounts for AWS cloud services, including compute, storage, analytics, and Professional Services; Enterprise Support and subsidized training; consultation and coordination, and, in the future, the ability to access data across NIH and NIH-funded institutions. 

Aside from the funding aspect, there are a handful of reasons why researchers are migrating to the Cloud with Four Points/ STRIDES/ AWS including the following:

  • Reduce the amount of time needed to commence research efforts from months to days with AWS.
  • Have the opportunity to scale up/scale down the environment based on the needs of the organization
  • Pay for what you need as you go
  • Enable researchers to be more self service oriented and less dependent on IT
  • Help organizations gain access to more funding based on having a secure platform in place that is purpose built for research

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