Kick-off Meeting, September 21, 2018, Bethesda

  • Business Session Presentation (PDF)
  • Program Oversight and Roles Presentation (PDF)
  • Metabolomics Consortium Coordinating Center (M3C) Overview (PDF)
  • Compound Identification Development Core (PDF)
  • Computational Tools for Analysis and Visualization of Quality Control Issues in Metabolomic Data (PDF)
  • Cross-Platform and Graphical Software Tool for Metabolomics Data Preprocessing (PDF)
  • Genetics and quantum chemistry as tools for unknown metabolite identification (PDF)
  • Comprehensive, fast and accurate metabolite structure annotations (PDF)
  • Mega-scale identification tools for xenobiotic metabolism (PDF)
  • Addressing Sparsity in Metabolomics Data Analysis (PDF)
  • Mummichog 3, aligning mass spec data to biological networks (PDF)
  • Methods and Tools for Integrative Functional Enrichment Analysis of Metabolomics Data (PDF)
  • Metabolomics Workbench A Metabolomics Database and Analysis Platform (PDF)
  • The Pacific Northwest Advanced Compound Identification Core (PDF)
  • Tools for Leveraging High-Resolution MS Detection of Stable Isotope Enrichments to Upgrade the Information Content of Metabolomics Datasets (PDF)