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Bits & Bites #6: Introduction to Bayesian statistics in Metabolomics

May 5, 2022


This 10-part short course series will feature in-depth topics in untargeted metabolomics such as Bayesian statistics, a deeper look into MS-DIAL, fundamental courses in mass spectrometry, lipidomics, and so many others. Each short course can be taken individually or you can select multiple Bites. Participants will gain a deeper insight into current software, methods, and pitfalls. Each session starts promptly at 9 a.m. (Pacific Time) and will take approx. 4 hours. The courses will be conducted in a highly interactive manner, with the use of freely available software and databases. The tuition is $150 USD per Bite.

The 6th course is “Introduction to Bayesian statistics in Metabolomics”, taught by Dr. Christopher Brydges. Bayesian statistics are a useful method for estimating effect sizes and testing the strength of evidence in favor of one hypothesis over another – things that p-values and traditional statistics can’t do. This workshop will provide a brief refresher on traditional statistics, teach the basic principles behind Bayesian statistics, learn how to conduct basic Bayesian analyses in JASP (free, open-source software available from https://jasp-stats.org/) and learn how to report the results in the style of a journal article.